Data Acquisition System is the device which fetches information or analyse some occurrence. For an instance, a person tracking vehicle from remote location is collecting information about the vehicle movements is doing real time data acquisition.

Data Acquisition System

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Pccube Softtech develops data acquisition systems for all range of applications and for any interface as per clients’ demands. There are many types of data acquisition systems available in the market viz.

Portable Data Acquisition Systems
Wireless Data Acquisition Systems
Serial Communication Data Acquisition Systems
USB Data Acquisition Systems

Industries which Integrate Data Acquisition System

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Use Data Acquisition System for Petrochemical Industry to monitor storage tanks and to receive alerts when chemical, gas, oil or liquid overflow.


DAQ for power industry helps to note data of voltage, temperature, current etc.


System such as Temperature data logger use to trace temperature to maintain product quality.

Water and Waste Water

IoT devices such as smart meters, sensors to check water quality and farming equipment help to generate and analyse data by remote alert in form of app notification.


Data Acquisition Systems in Automotive industry can be used for various purposes such as analyzing vehicle & driver performance, determining engine condition, tracing vehicle movements etc.


For monitoring steam flow and temperature.

Pulp and Paper

Sensors of data acquisition system to measure temperature and chemical process condition.


Data Acquisition System for Aerospace Industry can be used for various tasks but mainly it includes Engine temperature monitoring and Flight Location monitoring.


Measuring temperature of Air, Oil, and leaf of various plants outside glasshouses and monitoring solar radiation in greenhouse.During Milk Pasteurization process, DAS helps in measuring certain temperature level to keep the quality as per the standards.


Vehicle data acquisition system used for data of road & driver conditions analysis.


Medical Data Acquisition System helps to measure the live condition of patient anytime anywhere and to check radiation passing through a patient.

Home automation

Home Automation DAQ helps to measure room temperature, power consumption and to get theft alerts.

Benefits of Data Acquisition System

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Benefits of Data Acquisition System
Auto measuring and alert
Reduced loss at time of manufacturing
Reduced need of data entry and storage
Lessen data redundancy

Data Acquisition Systems Developed by Us

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Temperature Data Logger
GPS Tracker
Commercial Weight Monitoring Machine

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Why to Choose Us?

  • Secure Server
  • Rapid cloud system for hosting data
  • High quality and high performing device
  • All in one pack as storage, sensor monitoring and controlling
  • Wi-Fi interaction

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