Embedded Security Systems are devices which limit authorization to specific group and prevent others from accessing certain details. There are many embedded development companies in the market who develop security systems for different industries as per their requirements. Among all, Pccube Softtech is one of the leading firms dealing in embedded hardware and software development. Let us know how embedded security systems can be useful in different industries.

Security System for Smart Factories

We aim to make all the tasks easy for manufacturers and to make them relax about production. We can develop a solution for manufacturers which helps them to monitor the communication between people and machines whether they’re connected to right one or not. In addition, manufacturer can be sure whether the production cycle is working correctly or someone has tried to control it. Apart, biometric systems can also be use to grant permission of a particular area to some personnel only.

Security Systems for Automotive Industry

In Automotive Industry, various functions can be fulfilled using embedded systems. For instance, security of data collected while paying parking fees or road tolls. Further, vehicles containing sensors can alert the owner about theft and some systems can also lock engine and cut off fuel if someone tries to theft.

Security Systems for Banking Industry

There are so many security systems available for banking industry such as biometric, password protected, electronic locks, RFID security etc. For an instance, locker rooms contain such systems which can be accessed by few people only. Virtual doors are also one of the best ways to prevent theft of important documents or money.

Home Security Systems

People and businesses have adapted technology rapidly and with making themselves smart, they have also demanded for making offices and homes smart. In making smart homes, door security systems have played a major role to prevent illegal entrance by alerting home owner. Apart, fire alarm systems are also a great example of higher security. In addition, personal lockers, biometric security for labs & offices and GPS trackers for children and senior citizens are also some of the best personal security systems.

These are only a few examples of embedded systems usage by popular industries. No matter what your industry is, meet us for your requirements and we will develop a solution together to achieve it.

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