Embedded Development


Pccube Softtech is one of the prominent companies in Ahmedabad India which offers embedded hardware and software solutions. Our team of hardware & software solutions has hands on experience in developing embedded systems for different businesses such as automotive, healthcare, education, industrial, commercial, transportation etc. We develop embedded hardware & software systems using innovative tools & technology.

  • Embedded Hardware Services includes

    • Architecture
    • Board Design Service
    • PCB Layout and Analysis
    • Enclosure Design
    Kick-Off & Discovery
    Kick-Off & Discovery
  • Embedded Software Services includes

    • Design and Development of Board Device Driver
    • Low-level BSP, Boot code, File systems development
    • Application Firmware modeling, design, development and validation
    • Porting of legacy firmware to Real Time Operating System(RTOS) platforms
    • Porting of firmware across semiconductor devices
    • Migration of device firmware from single-core to multi-core and hardware accelerator platforms
    • Development of High performance embedded computing applications
    • Bare metal based firmware development
    • Protocol Implementation (both Industry Standard and Proprietary)
    • Systems Modeling: Model based system engineering, Model based design
    • Code and Algorithms optimization: performance, memory footprint, power
    • Product Software Verification & Validation services
    • PC based device configuration/programming tools development.
    Kick-Off & Discovery
    Kick-Off & Discovery

Why to Choose Us?

  • Secure Server
  • Rapid cloud system for hosting data
  • High quality and high performing device
  • All in one pack as storage, sensor monitoring and controlling
  • Wi-Fi interaction