GPS tracker


GPS tracker

We have witnessed major advancements in technology since few decades. GPS systems are one of the most useful inventions. No matter from which industry you are, GPS tracker devices are useful for everyone & every business. Industries such as transportation, medical, marketing etc use such system for tracking van, patients, sales person accordingly while common people use it as a safety device for kids & aged people. We have developed huge range of GPS tracker according to clients’ requirements.

Categories in GPS trackers:

  • Wired GPS vehicle tracker
  • Wireless GPS vehicle tracker
  • Asset tracker
  • Personal GPS tracker
  • Kids GPS tracker Watch
  • Adult GPS tracker Watch.

Features of GPS trackers:

  • Inflexion supplement
  • Anti-theft alert
  • Internal storage under none GSM area
  • ACC ignition detection
  • Voice monitor
  • Anti-theft alert
  • Intelligent power management
  • SOS alarm
  • Internal storage under none GSM area
  • Easy installation
  • Light and compact
  • GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning


  • Enhanced productivity
  • Higher security
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Improved routing and decreased fuel costs